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Damp and Water Damage

Dampness may be caused, amongst other things, by Rising Damp, Penetrating Damp and Condensation.

Rising Damp

Rising Damp is one of the more common problems. It tends to affect houses built 60 or more years ago before the sorts of barriers we have today to prevent water rising up the walls were in use.

Penetrating Damp

Penetrating Damp generally happens where gutters and down pipes are defective or pointing, external rendering and chimneys are faulty or where roof slates have become dislodged or cracked.

Surveys and Reports

Our qualified surveyors can carry out detailed damp surveys covering the cause of the problem whether Rising Damp, Penetrating Damp or dampness from other building defects with costings for the work needed and installation by directly employed and trained staff.


As PCA members we have qualified Timber, Damp and Waterproofing surveyors, CSRT and CSSW qualified. This membership and qualification are accepted by all lending sources.


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