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External Problems

Some internal problems may be caused by exterior faults such as leaking roofs and chimneys, defective rainwater goods or faulty pointing. Signs of external trouble can be difficult to trace. Active Services are able to identify and treat such problems.

Here we specify some of the problems and describe their remedies.


Active Services specialise in structural concrete repairs, using the latest repair mortars and resins. These systems can be very cost effective and save important architectural detailing and mouldings. They can also save you the cost of expensive re-rendering.


We have an extensive range of repairs for both Cavity and Solid Walls. Methods that provide cost effective, concealed and non disruptive solutions.

Where masonry has cracked as a result of changes in loads, stresses or ground movement we can stabilise the wall with crack stitching techniques using Thor Helical reinforcement system.

Thor Helical Approved Installers for masonry & structural reinforcing.


Protective coatings can be applied to the exterior of your property. We can use clear and visible acrylic to protect without changing the appearance. This coating has a life expectancy of 10 - 15 years.

Flexible coatings and paint systems can be used where permanent natural movements occur in a building, or where the sun causes thermal movements.

With exterior render cracking it may well be possible to repair the cracks instead of completely re-rendering the house. These sophisticated coating or paint systems are available in a wide range of colours.


Most houses built after about 1930 have two walls of brick or block with an air gap in between acting as a barrier against penetrating damp.

Cavity wall ties tie these walls together for strength.

Some types of wall ties are subject to corrosion, when they corrode they expand causing the wall to crack, often in horizontal lines. Other types will rust away within the cavity and will break within the walls leaving them unconnected and liable to collapse.


Endoscope investigations are carried out to look inside the wall to check the condition of the ties. If they are rusting, they are replaced with new stainless steel ones fixed by resin or by mechanical neoprene ties. At the same time the existing ties are either isolated or removed from the building.

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